Could Your Business Use Some Spring Cleaning?

Spring is here, in some parts of the country it is a bit weak still, but here it is! Is it time to do some spring cleaning on your business? What projects do you have planned for spring in your business?

Here are a few that I have planned for the spring to help improve my productivity and streamline my office.

* Project Board – I am cleaning out part of my office so there is less clutter (i.e., books and long-term filing) and adding a space for this project:

* Planning my Editorial Calendar for my top Blogs. This really helps reduce “blogger’s block.” I can easily add new items and change things around if a new idea comes up, but it gives me a frame work for posts. It also helps me to add more scheduled posts so I can stay on track when life gets busy.

* Bookshelf Makeover. Being in a pretty room helps my creativity. I plan to redo a pretty maple bookcase in my office. It has seen better days and needs some serious sprucing up. Sometimes a non-business project is just what I need to help keep my creative juices flowing!

What do you have on the list for your business this spring?

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  1. Suzy says:

    Good luck with your spring cleaning. dropping by from UBC.

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